Friday, October 14, 2011

Swap It


Dear BlogReaders,
Have you signed up for the Design Crush 2012 Calendar Swap yet?!  I'm so excited to participate this year.  Getting fun mail that doesn't involve a bill is pretty much the best day.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh Fortune

Dear DanMangan,
Hey buddy!*  I'm so stoked to see you tonight at the newly opened Crescent Ballroom!  I'm pretty positive that you're going to recognize me from your show in London this summer.  I was the one in the second row wearing pink (duh), but more importantly, we met outside before hand and I TOTALLY played it cool even asking for a photo.

That's quite a feat for me.  Generally I act pretty foolish around famous people and have been known to freeze up and not remember my own name.  Ask my friends, I'm sure they won't hesitate to confirm.

You made it easy though, you were the epitome of nice and gracious when we briefly met, and your show was absolutely AMAZING!  It helped that we were in a fantastic old church for the venue, but it was talent that was undeniable.  Both your albums  ["Nice, Nice, Very Nice" and "Postcards & Daydreaming"] were the soundtrack to my time spent living in London, and for that, your music will always mean a lot to me.

Can't wait to hear the newest album live and say hi!


*oh, did I forget to mention we're pals now?