Friday, September 2, 2011

Bits + Pieces {Funk Style}

I'm in a bit of a funk.  A "I'm-Turning-30-Soon-Getting-Ready-To-Move-Its-Hot-As-Hell-Here-And-Timing-For-Everything-Is-Crap-FUNK".  So whilst I'm digging my way out of it, let's look at dozen pictures of nonsense that look somewhat interesting thanks to the Instagram iPhone app:


One:  Otter Pops, it's how I do.
Two:  Matt's Big Breakfast, if you haven't been  then GO
Three:  PB&C.  That's peanut butter and celery for those that prefer the obvious.
Four:  Ruby and Tiger, my cutey-cute nieces.
Five:  Dinner.
Six:  Gin & Tonic whilst the boy cooks.
Seven:  Fruit of choice.
Eight:  Oh, have I mentioned I'm a NYY fan?
Nine:  This will be the color palette in one of our bathrooms.
Ten: Crabtree & Evelyn hand therapy
Eleven:  Wine with the VMAs
Twelve:  I mix gold and silver.  It's fine.

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  1. I enjoy the chosen color palette. Pleasing to the boy and yet girly at the same time. Nice work!

  2. Felicidades por tu blog, saludos desde España.