Monday, July 4, 2011

“Gimme back my money, you pig!”

If you shook my head out like a piggy bank this is undoubtedly what you would find jingle-jangling around in there:

1. Whoa, it’s JULY
2. How the hell did that happen?
3. Time goes by way too quickly
4. Especially as you get older
5. I’m not ready for the Arizona heat
6. What if I melt?
7. What if I actually melt into the ground wicked-witch-of-the-west style
8. Do you suppose it’ll just be my clothes remaining on the sidewalk?
9. Note to self: sport cute underwear that day
10. I can’t have my legacy left with run of the mill chonies on the ground
11. I miss London already
12. Though I can’t wait to be home
13. I’m anxious
14. And nervous
15. But excited
16. Overwhelmed
17. I know it will be a transition
18. Bittersweet
19. But that’s good right?
20. If it was easy, it means I did it wrong
21. I’m not tired of London
22. Let’s be clear on that
23. The love affair will never be over
24. Cliché, cliché . . . but, fact
25. I’ll keep travelling
26. Friends that’ll last a lifetime
27. Lucky, SO flipping lucky
28. Without a doubt the hardest year of my life
29. Also, the best.
30. He’s the one
31. Odds = BEATEN.
32. Title of this blog . . .
33. 10 points to whoever can name that reference
34. Ready, GO!

Just a bit of randomness for your 4th of July. . . Happy Independence Day America, all the way from jolly ‘ol England! (awkward)

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