Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Differences v4

The 4th (and FINAL!) edition of the top differences between living in London vs. Phoenix, this one an ode to the English language in England:

1. Fries are chips
2. Chips are crisps
3. Biscuits are cookies
4. Brown bread is wheat
5. Cuppa means tea time
6. Bacon is pretty much ham
7. Ta means thank you
8. So does cheers
9. You’ll get money out at a cash machine instead of ATM
10. If you’re wearing a tank top it’s called a vest
11. A vest is called a waistcoat
12. Your pants are trousers
13. Your underwear are pants
14. Also known as knickers
15. You can cool off with an ice lolly (popcicle)
16. Restrooms are loos or toilets or WC’s
17. If you say restroom it likely means a room in which you rest
18. Garbage is rubbish which is placed in the bin
19. And Eastenders is rubbish TV
20. To-Go is take away
21. For here is eat-in
22. Football is soccer
23. Rugby is rugby
24. Cricket is confusing
25. A jumper is a sweater
26. Sunnies are your sunglasses
27. Your sneakers are called trainers
28. My galoshes are called wellies
29. (and I love them)
30. 911 is 999
31. Zip code is postcode
32. Mine was SW4
33. Movie theatres are cinemas
34. The Electric is the best one IN. THE. WORLD.
35. Mobile would be your cell
36. Your resume is a CV
37. Surname is last name
38. Dosh, quid, fiver and tener all belong in your wallet
39. Fancy Dress refers to costumes
40. The Brits love a good fancy dress party
41. Hen nights are for bachelorettes
42. Stag do’s are for bachelors
43. Vacations are holidays to you
44. Vacuum with a hoover
45. Shop on the high street
46. Erase a mistake with a rubber
47. The 1st floor is the ground floor
48. The 2nd floor is the first floor
49. You can get there in the lift and not the elevator
50. Z is zed which means this is the end.

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