Friday, June 3, 2011

These boots weren’t made for packin’

1. I’ve purchased 8 pairs of boots since living in London.

2. I don’t have room for all these new boots in my luggage.

3. I’d only casually mentioned 3 of these pairs to the BF.

4. I then told the BF about 4 subsequent pairs in an alternate conversation.

5. I think it’s romantic to discuss footwear it seems.

6. I quizzed the BF on how many pairs of boots I’d purchased recently.

7. He should have said 7 as it is indeed the sum of 3 + 4.

8. He answered 8.

9. He said he knew that I’d have a secret pair of boots I wasn’t telling him about.

10. Damn, busted.

11. It is hot in Arizona

12. I wouldn’t call it a boot wearing state.

13. That is unless you’re talking about cowboy boots.

14. You know, because it’s all cactus and tumble weeds around them there parts.

15. A friend of a friend suggested I just create more boot related events upon home.

16. Guess what? I’m going to have a boot party and YOU ARE INVITED!

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