Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pin It

Dear Pinterest,
Have I told you lately that I love you?  I'm slightly obsessed with your website, and I can't belive it's taken me this long to write you a dear little letter to express my adoration.  If anyone out there hasn't heard of you or isn't already using you, they must surely be living under a rock.  Which I mean, that's cool, if you like under-rock living . . . but here's my suggestion, get outta there and start pinning some shit!

The basic concept is catagorizing lists of all your favourite things in the form of mood boards.  DID YOU HEAR THAT? LISTS! CATAGORIES! FAVOURITE THINGS! MOOD BOARDS!  Dude, if people were hear right now they'd be like lower the decible lady . . . and I'd be like, no I don't think you understand the level of excitement I'm trying to express . . . and they'd be all I'm pretty sure I get it, and I'd be all, BUT DO YOU REALLY?!  Uh huh, something like that.

The point is, if you're not already on Pinterest and need an invite let me know and I'd be honored to send you one.  If you are already on there leave me a comment with your details, I'd love to follow you and see what floats your boat.

You can find me HERE:


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