Tuesday, April 5, 2011

cityLove: Taylor's Phoenix

Can you believe I’ve been so rude as to keep you in suspense for over two months since our first installment of cityLove?! Don’t worry, I’m hanging my head in shame.

Today we’re going to head home to the desert, as hear all about why Taylor loves Phoenix. In the spirit of full disclosure, you should know Taylor no longer calls Arizona home . . . she’s recently taken an amazing job opportunity and lives in Palm Springs until later in the year when she’s heading to San Francisco! All of which makes two things inevitable: 1. Tay should do more cityLove for us AND 2. I need to play a trip to San Fran!

The Basics:

1. Name? Taylor K

2. Current city you live in? Phoenix, AZ (by current ,we clearly mean previous)

3. How long have you lived here?  4 Years. YIKES!

4. Where is your “home town”?  Long Beach, CA

5. What other cities have you lived in?  Huntington Beach, CA, Flagstaff, AZ and Scottsdale, AZ

6. Where can we find you on line?  Blog, Twitter

LOVE for your city:

1. What brought you to Phoenix / Arizona?  I was living in Flagstaff after college and planned to go to law school. I was tired of school, however, and wanted a break between undergraduate and law school. I decided to move to Phoenix for a job. The job market in Flagstaff is not so great, so I took a job with a commercial real estate firm.

2. What is the biggest surprise about living here? The AWESOME people and community in Central Phoenix (CenPho). I never expected to meet such fantastic people. Also, the restaurants here are out of control yummy. Some of the best in the world. FO REAL.

3. How long did it take you to feel settled?  Probably two years? I think I started to feel most settled when I purchased my home. I love my location in the city. It’s right in the middle of Arcadia, The Biltmore and downtown Phoenix. I feel very at home there.

4. If you skipped work for a day and had no other obligations or things to do, how would you spend the time?  I would start my morning at Lux coffee shop, would check out some of our wonderful museums, lunch at Gallo Blanco, vintage and antique shopping in the Melrose District, a quick stop at Smeeks for some candy and an Orange Creme soda, dinner at Durrant’s and after dinner drinks at The Deuce (my new favorite bar/restaurant/boxing gym/retail shop/vintage bike shop).  Editor's note:  If you live in Arizona and haven't been to Smeeks you're missing out on the cutest candy shop in all the land!

5. If someone was coming to visit what would you put on their “must do” list?  Pizzeria Bianco, Murphy Bridle Path, Postino Wine Cafe and Drinks at the Phoenician Resort. Their trip would involve lots of drinking.  Editor's note again:  I have a deep love for Postino's. . . their tomato jam on bruschetta steals my heart. 

6. What are your favourite restaurants in your city? This is so tough! I love so many. My short list is; Gallo Blanco, Postinos, Los Dos Molinos, Delux and True Food Kitchen.

7. What attraction or landmark lives up to all the hype?  Camelback Mountain is so pretty and breathtaking. I love the drive to the mountain and love walking around the area.

8. What attraction or landmark is overrated?  Scottsdale Fashion Square - Although the shopping is fantastic, I don’t think there is anything uniquely Arizona about the mall. Yes, they have wonderful stores and fancy products, but I don’t understand why people visiting Arizona would want to do something they could do in a dozen other cities around the world. I much prefer shopping the local stores around the central corridor in Phoenix.  Also, the Civic Space Park in Phoenix. The art installation thing just looks like a used condom to me. I don’t really get it.  Yes, another note:  I always thought the art installation was some sort of jelly fish. 

9. What’s the most relaxing thing to do in Phoenix?  I love going to the Phoenician and having a cocktail on the patio of the Thirsty Camel during Monsoon season. The views of the valley are spectacular, the martinis are to die for and the resort isn’t too crowded during monsoon season. Watching the storms roll in and enjoying the lightning show is one of my favorite things to do in Phoenix.

10. What’s your overall fav thing about living in Phoenix?  The people. I have made such incredible friends and connections here. Everyone is so supportive.

11. If you were forced to move tomorrow (er, two months ago) what would you miss most about?  The people. I would really miss the friends I have made here. I probably will move eventually (I miss my family and I do not do well with the summer heat) but will be sure to come back often to hang with all of my cool people.

12. What are you dying to share about Phoenix?  I think the culinary scene is the most surprising about Phoenix! I think everyone who has visited me has been pleasantly surprised to find that we boast some of the best chefs and restaurants in the country. Also, I think people should know that it is not all block wall fences and tract homes. We have some incredible historic neighbourhoods and architectural gems.

13. How do you survive the summers? I eat a ridiculous amount of snowcones, spend most of my time outside of work in the pool, and complain ALL THE TIME. Also, taking a shower, then going directly to my bed without drying off and lying there naked under the AC vent is one of my favorite summer activities.

14. What else would you like people to know about the state of Arizona?  Arizona is an incredibly diverse state full of varied landscapes, climates and people. We’re not all suburban hicks who hate minorities.  Final note:  WORD.

Thanks for sharing Tay!  You've definitely mentioned some of my fav things too . . .great minds, I tell ya.

Feeling the Love?  If you’d like to participate drop me a comment, email, tweet, FB note, or whatever other form of 2011 communication tickles your fancy, and I’ll gladly respond with some fun questions for you to answer all about the city you love.

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  1. Yaaaay! I do miss my Phoenix friends. I can't wait to do another city LOVE post for you!