Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thermometer: Not Needed

This list below is comprised of a convo that I just had with the BF. What I said is in pink and what he said is in blue. Appropriate given the topic. . .

1. I think I have a little fever 
2. For the Bieber? 
3. Well Yeah, but that’s not what I’m referring to here. 
4. Oh. Illness? 
5. Nah . . . 
6. The (shhhh) baby fever 
7. Just a teeny one 
8. Don’t Tell 
9. Oh 
10. That’s not like you. 
11. Right. Something is wrong with me. 
12. Hating sleep and loving babies?! 
13. NO thank you. 
14. Well babies traditionally are teeny so one would presume the fever to be similar
15. Coocoo (editor’s note: I meant cuckoo here, damn it.)
16. As in CRAZY , not the sounds babies make. 
17. (several minutes pass whilst spending time with my google reader) 
18. Holy eff, fever cured!
19. Thanks to Maggie Mason’s Blog
20. Babies have the death ray eyes!
21. You're silly
22. We don’t even have a puppy yet.
23. Right, we’ve got a crib list*
24. Dude, I’m chill.
25. Cucumber cool, no fever in this house.
26. Except the Beiber, that remained.
27. No cure on record
28. Beiber looks like a lesbian. 

*Same idea as a bucket list but instead of "things to do before you kick the can", it’s "things to do before you get stuck blessed with a child"

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