Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dude, Where's My Post?

Things I’ve yet to discuss properly but am dying to tell you about:

1. Paris (update HERE)

2. New Boots . . . yes more, don’t judge. (update HERE)

3. Icicles on my eyelashes (update HERE)

4. Holidays & Visitors (update: the holidays happened and visitors were here in the form of the BF and my sister, I've waited far too long to blog about this properly so we're gonna let it slide)

5. 2010 Year in Review (update: nah, let's skip this bit)

6. The next installment of Differences

7. That naming thing I mentioned

8. How the heck I’m going to work the last spice girl into the blog

Sheesh, that’s a lot! Good think this post is going to double as my blog ‘to-do-list’ . . .

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