Friday, November 5, 2010

Second Impression

Dear BlogReaders,
You’ll never guess who I saw on the tube this morning. . . It was none other than Shaving-Cream-In-His-Ear-Guy!

We made eye contact, although I tried to avoid it. When he looked at me I sensed a twinge of recollection in his facial expression and he didn’t seem too pleased.  Perhaps it was because last time we made eye contact I looked at him as though he had three eyes. Still, I don’t think his rude gaze is called for today because I can’t imagine what he’s so upset about now anyways. After all, he didn’t have shaving cream on his ear OR his nose, so it appears that he’s already having a better morning than a few weeks ago.  And dude, it's Friday cheer up and go see some fireworks tonight! 


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