Thursday, September 30, 2010


Dear Lovlies,

I’ve had several people ask me lately how I’m doing, what I miss from home, and if I’m homesick yet. I sense YET is the operative word in that sentence, YET I don’t miss ‘home’ . . . at least not in the physical sense, or at least not YET I don’t.

I haven’t missed the Arizona heat, I haven’t missed the driving. I don’t miss the desert scenery and I don’t miss going places I’d been to lots of times before. I’m revealing the in new, or at minimum doing my best to try. Don’t get me wrong, it’s in no way peaches and flowers all the time. It’s definitely hard being here, but there’s only one reason why . . . I miss my favourite people. I’m not homesick – I’m peoplesick.

I miss my family, my friends, and my boy - it’s very hard not having them here. Even if I didn’t necessarily see everyone regularly, it was knowing they were only a short distance away that gave me comfort. I don’t mind being by myself and I definitely have an independent streak (obviously, otherwise I’d be in a world of hurt!) but there’s a big difference between being by yourself because you decided to, and being by yourself because you don’t know anyone else around. That sounds a bit more dramatic than intended. . . I am certainly making new friends, have hung out with fun co-workers, and have a flatmate I’m getting to know – but somehow it’s just not the same.

It’s not the same as having inside jokes, “one-mind” moments, and years of history together. It just can’t compare to grabbing breakfast or a drink with a close friend and having nothing to talk about but catching up for hours. I don’t want any sympathy and I’m not asking for anyone to feel bad for me. No head-tilting “aww, poor thing” moments are required! In fact, I discourage them.

It’s just important to me personally, to not sugar coat anything or make it seem like I have this wonderfully perfect life that loads should be jealous of. It’s a pet peeve of mine to read blogs, see profiles, or hear about those people who paint a picture of their perfect lives, perfect partners, perfect kids, perfect jobs or perfect house who are clearly exuding so much happiness with where they’re at in their world that you just can’t bear it. Those people are liars living in la-la-land because in truth we all know that’s not quite how it rolls.

Life throws you ups and downs and sometimes those ups are really, REALLY high up and you can’t even believe how lucky you are! You want to shout and yell because you’re just so excited you can’t keep it in, and everyone needs to know how fantastically amazing it all is. DO IT – please shout! Let your excitement or good news be contagious, someone somewhere who had a day that can only be compared to dog shit will appreciate the reminder that life can kick ass! And if you happen to be the one who had that dog-shit-day then by all means complain about it – sometimes wallowing is needed and warranted. It will give you the opportunity to remember that you’re not the first or last person that’s having a tough go at it. Here’s the VERY important trick to it all – don’t live on either end of the extreme. Roll with the good and the bad, and let yourself be at terms with both. Don’t be a Bragging-Brenda or a Bitter-Betty . . . just BE REAL.

Hmm . . I’m not certain this letter stayed on the original path I intended. Nor am I certain that I’m not writing it more for myself than anyone else who may read it. But my point is (I think) that being here is a mixed bag. It’s amazing, hard, wonderful, and daunting all in the same breath. I miss my people so very much, because they are what made Arizona my home. But for now my home is London, and I’m going to keep shouting about that for a while.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

He Said, She Said

 . . . I know there were more converstational gems, I really need to start writing stuff down!

Her: What do you think about these shoes with my ensemble?
Him: Uh, they’re mismatched.
Her: Thank you Captain State the Obvious, I was asking you to pick one of the two, not suggesting I wear them together.
Him: Pick whichever ones aren’t going to make you want to come back to the hotel room, complaining that your feet hurt.
Her: Touché.

Her: OH, get a picture with me and the Eiffel Tower!
Him: Ok.
Her: But how are my bangs?
Him: Good.
Her: Do they look okay?
Him: Yup.

Her: WTF?!
Him:  What?  It's you and the Eiffle Tower, isn't it?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Be Back Soon

Only in this case “fishing refers to”. . .

1. FINALLY getting to see Ryan.

2. Heading over to Paris for a few days.

3. Consuming copious amounts of wine and cheese.

4. Going to meet Elizabeth Gilbert thanks to my new favorite blogger.

5. Checking out some of Billy Shake’s work.

6. Moving into my new flat!

I’m officially on holiday . . . see ya on the flip side.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You. Are. On. My. Mind.

“Every little thing you do you’re on my mind (on my mind) YOU. Every little thing you do you’re on my miiiinnndddd.” 10 brownie points to the first person to name that old-school jam, knowing my friends it won’t take long so here is a preemptive WELL DONE!

And HERE is what’s on my mind! What a perfect transition, why thank you, now on to the random list:

1. To further prove my new found love, and to appease a comment from LL, here’s photographic evidence that I’m rocking the leggings:

2. Speaking of which, in the spirit of pointing out the obvious – the title of my leggings post was a play on the word hypocrisy. I’m not sure why I feel the need to tell you that, as I’m sure you’re more than capable of figuring it out, but I’ve been second guessing my level of cleverness ever since I posted. So really this is just for my own piece of mind.

3. Don’t be confused by that bedazzled black hat hanging on the door knob in the photo above – it’s just my sparkly beret that I’m going to wear in Paris. I’m pretty sure it will be a hit.

4. I got my hair cut today, including bangs. For any of you ladies (or gents, I don’t judge) with bangs, you know going to a new person to get your bangs cut is a nerve racking thing. If they get them wrong there’s really no good way to cover them up, if they go too short or mess up the angle you’re totally screwed. So I was nervous. I think I’ve been spoiled by Claudia, my lovely little hair dresser at home, because she always gets them just right. Good news though, whilst they’re not exactly Claudia status, I do like the way they turned out and would go back to the lady again, so I’ll consider that a success.

5. When I said, “I don’t judge” just now, that was a lie. If you’re a dude with bangs I’m going to judge you.

6. There was a tube strike in London this week. Luckily, I’m still in my temporary flat a 2 minute walk from work so I wasn’t affected. Unluckily, the radio said there would be 3 more strikes before Christmas. I sense a tube strike combined with cold/rainy weather is going to make me miss Phoenix and my car fairly quickly.

7. Speaking of weather (as Londoners so often do!), I love that it’s getting chilly out in the AM and PM here. Not cold mind you, but definitely brisk, and this morning was foggy. When it's rainy out, I enjoy sitting in the leather chair by the window whilst watching TV and hanging out with Herbert:

8. Oh, did I not mention? Herbert is the name of my lap top. I imagine if he took swine form he’d look like this:

9. BTW, I think it’s perfectly normal to give names to inanimate possessions & to think of your computer as a cute little piglet wearing wellies.

10. The BF gets here on Saturday . . . can anyone put in a good word with Father Time and make it get here sooner? That would be swell.

Happy hump day, folks!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Hippo Named Chrissy

Dear Leggings,
I know what you’re thinking . . . I have some nerve writing you a letter when typically I’m known to curse your name. Tis true, we’ve had a love-hate relationship . . . this mainly consisted of everyone loving you whilst I hated you.

In 2008, I purchased you in basic black and wore you a couple times, but then I was over it. Come 2009, I couldn’t say enough bad things about you. I’m not entirely sure why, but I was convinced that you were OUT as far as fashion is concerned. Time and time again, friends would provide me with proof that you were all the rage, but I just couldn’t manage to jump on board.

“I don’t like them AT ALL” I said.
“You won’t catch me in leggings again” I proclaimed.

Welp, now I’m eating my words! I LOVE YOU LEGGINGS. I don’t know what I was thinking last year! Maybe it was kindergarten-mentality and I was picking on you because (secretly) I really loved you and just didn’t know how to deal with it. Or maybe I’m just a more in tune with what’s “in” because of new surroundings. Either way, I write you this letter my dear leggings to ask for your forgiveness. I need you to a part of my life, and hope you can find it in your heart to pardon my previous lack of judgment.

I love you and I’m sorry,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Notting Hill Carnival 2010

Dear BlogReaders,
What do you do when you’re new to London and have a 3-day weekend thanks to a UK Bank Holiday? Let me show you!
Click & zoom to make bigger.
For the details, check out the official webpage.