Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Raise your hand if you live alone.

Oh hey there fellow party-of-one! Welcome to the house of Letters & Lists . . . feel free to put your cardigan on and stay a while. What do you mean you’re not wearing a cardi? Pssfffft. Don’t be silly I have plenty of extra, what’s your color preference? Okay good, now that we’ve got warm arms let’s discuss residing solo shall we?

1. I find that I don’t talk very often. I mean sure I work full time and talk to the fun people there, but as it turns out . . . they don’t come home with me. This means no one to discuss random things on TV with, or no one to ask what they feel like for dinner (secretly hoping they come up with a great suggestion so I don’t resort to a cereal and crumpet night). I also find that the lack of talking means that when I do say something out loud when I’m by myself, the sound of my own voice (and its inherent decibel level) sometimes gives me a fright. Not like eyes-watery-hiding-under-the-covers fright, more like oh-snap-I’m-loud-and-forgot sort of caught off-guardness. Yup, “off-guardness” totally a word, bringing me to my next point. . .

2. One of the pluses of living alone or doing stuff alone is that no one is there to laugh and point when you do something dumb. Which as you may have guessed, happens to me often. The other day I tripped over my own feet whilst walking down the street, and I didn’t even attempt to play it off! I just kept walking like yup-I-almost-biffed-it-and-I-don’t-care. I mean sure people around me saw, but I didn’t know them and will likely never see them again so it was a non-issue. I have to say that’s a pretty liberating feeling. If next time you see me if I’m acting a fool you’ll know it’s because I’ve gone far too long without someone making fun of me.

3. Do you think it’s a good idea to shove all my dirty laundry into this very tiny washing machine? Should I get sucked into this Hills marathon even though I’ve seen them all? Do you think these shoes go with this ensemble? Twix comprise a sensible dinner, right? I HAVE NO ONE HERE TO TELL ME NO! Sometimes just the simple fact that no one else is around means that I don’t even give a second thought to some of the decisions I make. This has its benefits of course since I get to do what I want without objection, but as evident from some of the examples above, sometimes you need another person just to question you or tell you no. I like having someone around that I know and trust just for a second opinion or to bounce things off of. It’s not necessary, but it’s definitely a luxury that I’m missing . . . even if ultimately I’ll stick with the same decision that I would have regardless. I’m an adult, if I want to eat a candy bar for dinner, then I will!

4. I’m no wiz in the kitchen – I have things I’m good at making and I enjoy cooking, but I don’t stray far from what I know. Cooking for one also takes a bit of getting used to without being stuck with too many left overs. I need to spend some quality time with google’s “recipes for one” search results, but until then I’ve also ventured out to eat on my own. I don’t mind the alone time, but it’s the reactions I get from others that are annoying. The servers seem confused at how often they should stop by my table since I’m not in the middle of a conversation with anyone else. Sometimes if I’m just staring off they mistake this for trying to get their attention and tend to be overly attentive. I appreciate the effort, but it makes for awkward interactions since I can only say the meal tastes good so many times. I’ve also been surprised at the looks of pity I get . . . specifically from middle aged-men. I don’t know what they’re so concerned about but I get lots of “aww, poor thing is all alone” stares from them. Obvs, the only proper reaction to this is responding with my “aww, not aging so gracefully” stare right back at them!


  1. Eating alone can be awesome sometimes, although it's the sole reason I own so many Tide Stain sticks. There's only so many times you can spill on yourself before you cross the line from "independent" to "homeless looking".

    Congrats on finding a flat! Love you!

  2. I'm raising my hand. Since my roommate moved out I have not cleaned, taken out the trash or put anything back where it belongs. I have not mastered eating alone at restaurant, but it's something I've been wanting to try. When I watch a TV show I usually turn to my right to say something to the invisible person on the couch, but then I remember that no one is there. Oh well!

  3. I go to movies on my own :) And i love it coz no-one talks thru the movie !!!

    hope you feeling settled - shout if you are alone this bank holiday ?