Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The last 2 hours: A Summary

1. Left work to go view a couple studio flats available for rent

2. Took the tube and managed to switch lines without getting lost

3. Arrived at designated meeting place 10 minutes late due to tube delays

4. Called the rental company upon arrival and got yelled at for being “30 minutes” late

5. Questioned this rental company’s ability to tell time

6. Waited for Gareth from said rental company to arrive

7. Kept waiting for Gareth from said rental company to arrive

8. Became convinced Gareth was going to purposely show up “30 minutes” after our appointment time to prove some sort of point

9. Received affirmation of #8 when Gareth showed up exactly “30 minutes” late

10. Met Gareth, who looked like he was a surfer dude who frequents Ed Hardy stores

11. In case it’s not clear, this doesn’t make for a high level of confidence in a landlord type figure

12. Went with Gareth to a building up the road while he checked his records to see what was available to show

13. By records I mean a hand written calendar book that was literally falling apart

14. Watched a page out of the record book (which clearly had tenant information written on it) fall onto the street and Gareth proclaim “oh well” while continuing towards the door of the building

15. The first studio we saw was occupied - despite this fact Gareth used his key to open the door and walk right in sans knocking.

16. Luckily the current tenant wasn’t home

17. Unluckily NO ONE should call this place “home”

18. It’s hard to find the right words to describe both studios I was shown, so I took a picture (and then had it animated):

19. YUP, that’s right it’s POO!

20. The places were stinky, tiny, dirty, and nowhere anyone should EVER live

21. The showers were the smaller than a refrigerator

22. The refrigerators were smaller than sinks

23. And the sinks were covered in some sort of black substance

24. Neither place had a TV or any electrical outlets to be seen

25. It wasn’t long before telling Gareth I had A LOT more places to see and bidding him farewell

26. I fully understand the cost of living in London is VERY high

27. I heartily acknowledge that I will be living in a shoebox sized space compared to previous homes I’ve had

28. I am at terms with possibly having a flat mate in order to afford a nicer place

29. I know I will have to look at many places before finding a winner



  1. Just the name "Gareth" makes me cringe.

  2. did i @ least help you narrow them down ?

    hope you feeling more settled xx

  3. Yes you absolutely helped!! I'm stoked to be in Clapham soon ;)