Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blogging Along

“. . . blogging along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea!”

Let’s make some assumptions, shall we?
  1. I read blogs a lot
  2. I read a lot of blogs
  3. Sometimes within reading 1-2 posts of a new blog I automatically add it to my reader knowing that I want it to be part of my day-to-day internet life
  4. There are definitely some blogs that I love so much, that I have delusions that I’m actually friends with the blog-owners
  5. I can get so enamored with the blogs I love that even Ryan knows which is which because I talk about them so much. Yes, from over 5,000 miles away. . .
  6. That’s right I’ve used our Skype time to talk about my faux-friends whose blogs I read. Obvs, I’m a pretty romantic girlfriend.
  7. On more than one occasion, I’ve decided that I liked a blog so much that I’ve read through all the archives so I felt like there was nothing I was missing out on.
  8. I swear I’m not a creepy stalker and I do actually spend time away from my computer interacting with real life people. Really I do!
Okay now that we have an understanding of my blog habits, I thought it was appropriate to dedicate a list to some of the favorite blogs I’ve recently become smitten with. In particular, my new found blog-favs are thanks to this lady:

Don’t worry I’ve actually met Taylor in real life, and even asked her permission to blog about her blog and favorite blogs so that I wasn’t totally creepy / Scary Spice:*

In no particular order, these are stamped with the definitely-check-them-out seal of approval!

1:  Team Boo
2:  Nicole, Etc.
3:  Rockstar Diaries
 4:  Arizona Lewis

Click away and enjoy!

*That’s right, now it’s 3 down and only 2 more to go!


  1. Awesome list! I am so glad that I could contribute to your blog love. I also read through all of the archives, which makes me feel like a scary super stalker. However, why would they put it on there if they didn't want us to read it, right?

  2. this is sweet. people always worry they are being stalkers (and they are, JK ;) but tis the whole point of a blog in the first place....for people to read and enjoy! glad you are enjoying team boo :)

  3. aw you sweet little chicken :)
    i love your blog too !

    & thanks to Tay for getting us together MWAH xxx

  4. as an official member of the blogs you stalk club, i'd like to invite myself to sleep on your british couch. thanks for the love. now seriously, let's get some matching union jack undies and tear up that country. :)

  5. Just let me know when you're coming, Heather! London won't know what hit them will all theses AZ ladies :)

    To make the stalking even more official I used to ALWAYS listen to the morning ritual and it was such a bummer when you left.