Monday, July 26, 2010

Whatcha Watching?

I suppose moving over 5,000 miles (over 8,000 kilometers for my new locals) is pretty big deal, and if I knew someone who was in this situation I’d have a lot of important questions for them. First and foremost being . . . what are you watching on TV?!

After just over a week, here are my favorites so far (in no particular order):

1. Dragon’s Den

Admittedly, the BF and I started watching this from home a few months ago, so I was very excited when I discovered new episodes are currently airing in London. The premise has hopeful entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to the “Dragons” while requesting a monetary investment in exchange for an ownership percentage in the company. It’s amazing what ideas people will come up with!

2. Miranda

This one might be an acquired taste, because for the first minute or so my reaction was “what the hell is this weird shit” but I quickly got sucked in and was laughing my ass off . . . and it’s not just because this particular clip talks about poo, since this isn’t actually the episode I watched. This also further proves that I’m pretty sure I could have my own show if all it takes is the willingness to be a dufus on camera.

3. Don’t Stop Believing

You’ll be hard pressed to turn on the TV in London without seeing a reality show, there are so many it’s hard to keep track, but this one has my attention – It’s singing, it’s dancing, it’s judging, and there’s a Spice Girl!

4. Mock the Week

Making fun of news headlines and pop culture – clearly this is right up my alley! Plus one of the funniest panelists, Russell Howard who is in the blue shirt above, is pretty easy on the eyes.


  1. baby spice?! remember when i asked you if you thought you would see a spice girl? i knew it! also, did you happen to see jen aniston when she was there last week? just curious.

  2. I'm not 100% sure that seeing her on TV is the same thing as actually "seeing a spice girl" but I'm closer than I was before!

    Unfortunately no, I didn't see Jen Aniston, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, or Cameron Diaz who have all be in town! Damn I need to figure out where the celebs hang.

  3. Baby Spice is my FAVE! When I was in Costa Rica, some of the locals thought I was her. One of the best experiences of my Sophomore year of HS. :)