Sunday, July 25, 2010

One week down, 51 weeks to go.

Dear BlogReaders*

Where do I even begin? Is a heartfelt apology in order because I’ve abandoned you for so long? Is a detailed account of all the letters and lists that I should have written since December required? WOW, December . . . that was over 7 months ago, where the hell does time go? Is this it? Once you’re an adult time just flies by and before you know it you’re staring down the barrel of 29 with 30 looming around the corner sans-husband and sans-kids and sans-house and WOW the 14-year old version of me would be so disappointed! But she was a total pain in the ass who really knew nothing about anything, so let’s not worry about that brat.

I wrote and deleted, wrote and deleted, wrote and deleted, and wrote and deleted the first few sentences of this letter, and I’m still not sure how it morphed into a rant about not being a spring chicken, but I’m not going to delete and write it all over again so we’re just going to roll with it. Obvs, I’m struggling a bit with the best plan of attack to jump back into the ‘ol blog with grace and wit whilst avoiding it all just spewing out in the form of a confusing brain dump that looks a little like this. . .


Okay good, that pretty much sums up the train of thought that’s been going full speed in my head for the last 7 days. In case you didn’t catch that, it turns out I live in London now. . . I have the amazing opportunity to work in my company’s London office for the next year and I clearly don’t know how to appropriately find the words to communicate everything that means . . . so I’m not going to try to get it all down in one go. I am however going to try and revive the blog in efforts to try and get down all of the things I am about to encounter over the next 12 months so that one day I can look back and think whoa, I did that?! Holy shit it was fun.


*assuming I still can scrounge some up after being gone for so long.

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