Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pinktober: Shop for a cure!

There are so many great products that hit shelves in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month . . . below are just a few. Get your wallets out and help save those tatas!

1. Red Envelope
That circle necklace is adorable – and I love it in gold.

2. The Spoon Sisters
I’ve been lusting over those flower nesting bowls since last year.

3. Shop Komen
Who DOESN’T need a hot pink boa?!

4. New Balance
It’s time for new tennis shoes, and these are the way to go.

5. Sephora
Fab eye lashes whilst supporting a cure? Check!

6. Target
Cookies and Breast Cancer Awareness . . . put your hands together.


  1. i LOVE all of these things!

  2. I've hearted those nesting bowls a long time too!