Monday, October 26, 2009

Awesome Blossom

Things I’m currently finding particularly enjoyable today:


2. Jay-Z is performing my FAVORITE BP3 song in Yankee Stadium on Wednesday. . . wish I could be there again!

3. Apple & Bee bags . . . the website might be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I really need to go to Australia, but since I can’t afford that at the moment, I’ll have to save my dollars and purchase online.

4. MILES! Don't be nervous, I'm not giving into the peer pressure.

Happy Monday, Kids.


  1. 1.) I am also STOKED!!!
    2.) Take a look at how huge my shoulder is in that pic. I'm even wearing black, so my shoulder looks slimmer than it actually is. I should play pro football. I wouldn't even need pads
    2.a) Also, why are you matching me?
    3.) I have no comment on this one
    4.) Give in to the pressure....

    Miles does look lonely, afterall.

  2. 2.a) To clarify this point, we are NOT matching. Though the image doesn’t accurately show this – my shirt is WHITE and his shirt is GRAY. See how that’s coordinating but not actually matching? Totally different and totally acceptable.

  3. I love how that bf of yours (the one with the big shoulders) made a list too! I also LOVE THAT BABY! He is not lonely though. You know who is lonely though? Cooper! You should get a dog! Then you could dress it up to color coordinate with you & the bf! But do not dress it up to match you two, that's just crossing the line.

  4. YES! HH is so smart, we NEED a dog. I was actually just discussing how if we had one it could wear a holiday scarf this season. . . OMG then it could have a season of scarves just like me! This is TOO much, if I wasn’t at work I’d be squeeling!