Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things that make you say “UGH!”: Part 1

According to the ALWAYS reliable Wikipedia . . . “A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than others may find it.” By definition this could really incorporate a wide range of items depending on who you are i.e. Apollo College, VanTrans, saying “get-er-done” just to name a few.

Sometimes pet peeves are reasonable and folks easily understand why they drive you nuts, but other times they’re random and don’t make much sense outside of your own head. You can judge my list to see which category they land in:

1. Top down windows up.
Okay so technically I don’t have a convertible since the plan to obtain my high school dream car never came to fruition. BUT this is one thing that I can’t get on board with. You have your top DOWN but your windows UP. . . WTF? I don’t buy the whole “it keeps the wind off me” bit because if you were someone that didn’t want wind on you THEN YOU’D HAVE YOUR FREAKING TOP UP OR NOT DRIVE A CONVERTIBLE AT ALL. UGH!

2. Feet on the dash.
No, no, no, no this is never okay! As a fellow driver I do NOT want to see your feet up on the dash or worse yet hanging out a window. It’s GROSS and inconsiderate of other drivers’ eyes. I’ve tried turning to check a blind spot only to find a pair of gangly feet chilling on the dash of the car next to me . . . DISGUSTING! FEET BELONG OUT OF SITE WHILST IN A CAR. UGH!

3. Being a dick during a merge.
You know they type. . . they’re the ones who drive up through the median instead of merging like everyone else just to get 1 car further than they would have if they weren’t a DOUCHE. I despise these people because they always get away with it. They put other drivers in a situation where they either have to let the douche in or elect to have the douche hit them because there is now nowhere else to go. DON’T BE A DOUCHE. . . merge one by one just like everyone else on the planet. There is no where you need to be that a 1 car difference is going to make or break you – trust me the Ed Hardy store will still be open when you pull up. To help do my part against these jack asses I will position my car right in the middle of the lane/median area to say GET BACK YOU’RE NOT PASSING ME YOU PIECE OF POO. UGH!

4. Saying “could” care less.
The saying is COULDN’T CARE LESS as in you could NOT care any less. Let’s think about this for a moment . . . when used, the phrase is expressing the amount of care you do NOT have for something. If you COULD care less then obviously you don’t care as little as possible because a lower level of care is available. If you COULDN’T care less that’s the all time lowest amount of care you could give, you’re at the bottom of the care scale, the care has run out, there is no more care to go around, and you so strongly DON’T care for something that you are physically incapable of feeling any lower amount of care than you’re currently experiencing. THAT is a STRONG saying that means something! When you use “could care less” it’s a dumbass saying that means nothing! UGH!

I’m so fired up right now thinking about these things that I can’t go on! I need to go watch some reality TV to make myself feel better about the world. This list is TBC. . .


  1. I really hope the reality TV you're going off to watch isn't from TLC. Otherwise we'll have a blog-feud on our hands.

  2. FUCK VAN TRANS IN THE FACE! Also I am not a fan of feet molesting the dash. Boo!