Thursday, August 27, 2009

Making Headlines

A brief list of news stories that peaked my interest, thanks Phoenix Business Journal!

1. Revolution debuts Pink Grapefruit to fight breast cancer
2. Sprinkles Cupcakes goes red for Cardinals
3. Pink Pony ends 61-year run
4. Report: Twitter business product expected this year

Just in case you’re too lazy to click the links, here’s the jist: I think you should get a new twitter page for your business that supports breast cancer whilst drowning your sorrows about the closing of Pink Pony over Sprinkles Cupcakes that support Matty and the rest of the team.

It’s like these news stories were meant just for me and my crew!


  1. Dear LettersandLists,

    I'd like to call shenanigans on your recent endorsement of Sprinkles Cupcakes. I'd a heartfelt fondness of you as a Magnolia Girl, and thought you knew better. Further more, if I did want to "support...the rest of the team", I'm certain I'd get greater enjoyment out of something made by LL (weewee not included).

    I remain confident that you will see the error in your ways in the near future, and I will refrain from telling you "duh" when that time comes. As you can see, I'm quite gracious.

    Til Then,

    Random & Awesome

  2. Dear, Random&Awesome,
    Obviously you’re not taking all factors into account in this calling of shenanigans:

    1.There is NOT a Magnolia Bakery here in Arizona and whilst Sprinkles are by NO means up to par with the heavenly goodness that is Magnolia, they are also far from shit of a bitch. Hence I do not take back my endorsement. Before you throw that back in my face, NO I do not have a frame of reference for I don’t eat dog shit, it’s just a figure of speech.
    2. Giving an endorsement does not a “favorite” make. If I was listing my favorite cupcakes instead of news headlines clearly this post would have been different. You got a bit assumptive on this point.
    3. Magnolia Bakery wouldn’t make cupcakes for Matty. Obvs they’d support the Yankees like any good New Yorker.
    4. LL never bakes with WeeWee, the WeeWee comes after she sees the end result and gets excited.

    We appreciate your concerns and thank you for your patronage.


  3. Well I am very glad you cleared all that up.

    I will patiently await the afore-promised pinstripe cupcakes.