Monday, July 6, 2009

Year One

Dear TheBF,
It’s official. For exactly 12 months / 365 days / 8,760 hours / 525,600 minutes* you’ve been my amazing BF and I’ve been . . .lucky.

Who knew after a night of ass shaking, cocktails, and meeting some of my favorite family members we’d finally have “the talk” and start the relationship that I didn’t quite realize then, I’d want to be in for all of my days.

I had a long letter written out about “remember this” and “remember that” but I decided to scrap it. I quickly found whilst drafting this letter last week that no matter what I said, I felt like I was either leaving something out or I couldn’t find the exact words I needed. ME. Not having words?! It’s inconceivable, I know. I couldn’t figure out why I was unable to draft a heartfelt, witty letter with just the right balance of sap and sass. It seems as though that’d be something right up my alley – I majored in sass!

Why now, on this important occasion was I having trouble? I always LOVE the letters and lists I come up with, I’m pretty much my own biggest fan! I don’t understand why the wit wasn’t flowing . . . Had I run out of words? Nah, that’s silly. Was it just writer’s block? Nope, I wrote lots of funny emails last week. Was the pressure of the Year One letter getting the best of me? Heck no, there’s not a drop of sweat on this brow! THEN IT HIT ME. . . I couldn’t find the words I wanted because I’d never used them before, they were foreign words if you will. Obviously, one can’t expect to just walk into a foreign country and whip up an effortless letter in a language one knows not of.**

The words I know I want to use are ones I don’t quite know how to. Never before have I wanted to so perfectly express how much someone means to me because no one has ever meant as much as you do. I’m in love with you. You’re my boyfriend, one of my best friends, and my future. . . I’m nothing but excited to continue figuring out exactly what that entails. Happy One Year Anniversary, Babe.

Love Always,

PS – Thank you for the flowers, deliveries at work are the bomb diggity!

*that IS in fact how I measure a year.
** that sentence was fancy.

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  1. Congrats on year 1 Pt. Bee & Dos! Here's to many more!