Monday, July 6, 2009


Why oh why does this particular birthday girl rock so hard you ask? Let me list 22 reasons in honor of the start to the 22nd year of her life:

1. We’re related and I love her.
2. She’s loud. [Basically a prerequisite for #1]
3. She sings along to songs. Queen? Check. Journey? Check.
4. She hearts reality TV.
5. She provides a lot of good gossip.
6. She’s young but wise.
7. She can wear the shit out of some door knocker earrings.
8. She’s as loyal as they get.
9. She pays for you if you’re broke.
10. She can quote “Friends” and “Can’t Hardly Wait” like no one’s business.
11. She’s a real smart cookie.
12. She’s always game for drinks.
13. She’s motivated even though she may not always think so.
14. She’s modest and patient, characteristics I could learn from.
15. She pretty much always lets me borrow clothes and accessories.
16. She’s appreciative.
17. She loves naps aka “lay downs”.
18. She’s HILARIOUS.
19. She always helps make new words or phrases happen. “Palab.”
20. She can keep things on the DL when necessary.
21. She is hands down one of the best writers I know.
22. She inspires me.

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  1. Man, I do love me a good lay down. Thank you! This might be my favorite list ever. <3