Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Only 16 days overdue.

Dear LLWeeWee*,
Here’s your official birthday letter – late of course, because that’s how I roll.

I’m happy you’re 27 now just like me. You thought you’d be able to escape Father Time, but that bastard is tricky. Don’t worry, studies show** consuming large amounts of wine whilst watching bad TV makes you look younger. . .JACKPOT.

Thanks for being a great roomie this past year, I can’t wait to move into CND*** soon!


*She pees when she gets too excited.
**I made this up
**This is the name of our soon to be new pad, it stands for “Casa No Drama”. So pretty much the opposite of now.
***Modesty is just one of my amazing attributes


  1. The full-size picture (click it) looks much better. In it's current, smallish size, LL looks like a pre-cougar. But, I guess that's pretty much legit.

  2. oh, I imagined you wouldn't approve that one until AFTER the initial buzz died down, so I could avoid an awkward moment at TMH.

  3. RYAN G I AM NOT A COUGAR!!! and i see nothing cougarish about the way i look.
    is it the cardigan? the magda tan? the blonde highlights?
    weird i get it now.
    you better watch out while coming around corners, youre getting a knuckle sandwich right in the ear!

  4. Ryan G is cracking me up! By the by, LL you're as brown as NE! Also, NE I like your eye makeup in the picture. That is all.