Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Out of Office: Auto Reply

Dear BlogReaders,
Hundreds of you have contacted me out of concern, love, and impatience.

1. YES I’m behind on blogging.
2. YES I owe you New York Updates.
3. YES I managed to miss birthday letters to HER and HIM.
4. YES when I said “hundreds of you” I mostly meant one.

I promise posts will resume shortly. Getting sick* and catching up on work have really thrown a wrench into my blogging plans. Damn adulthood.

In the meantime, here’s something you’ll really LOVE! Don’t forget to click the link that’s on the link, I have a feeling you might recognize who the post is talking about! I love making famous friends, I’m pretty sure I’d thrive** living in NYC.


*NOT the H1N1, just so we’re clear.
** By “thrive” I clearly mean “I can’t afford it”


  1. * it is the H1N1. i rubbed bacon on your pillowcases when you were away.
    * LOVE that you made me a "world renowned blogger to bee"
    (see what i did there)
    * i would appreciate some sort of blog letter because i think its cool but i understand the timing thing. i also understand that canadian bacon is like ham and that also works well on pillowcases. just saying.

  2. This blog is really not about zombies, at least, I don't think zombies have gotten to you yet. Either way, I need to relay a zombie-related message to you from Karina, so here goes:

    "You and NE are officially invited into the zombie shelter. Inform NE that her job in the shelter is to decorate nice."

    End Transmission

  3. It's true. I would prefer an upbeat, but urban, vibe using mostly recycled materials that can withhold the brute strength of the undead. Something that says "This shelter has shotguns and ribbon." See what you can come up with.