Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Month X

Dear MrLovesHimSomeNerdyStuff,
10 months! How annoying is it that I’m writing again so soon? I hope no one throws up in their mouths, that’d be gross. Anywhoosie, thanks for recording the Food Network Cake Challenge: Last Cake Standing this past month. And more importantly, thank you for keeping complaints to a minimum while watching and enduring my yelling at the TV.

Sorry about that one time I got a bad attitude about that one thing and acted like a you know what. Good thing it only lasted for the drive from Target to your place and then 10 minutes worth of DVR before we got over it. I like the not arguing part of our program.

I’ll keep this brief, after all you’ll hear from me again on June 6th. Don’t worry, the monthly frequency is only going to continue until the 1 year mark, then I’ll ease up. I don’t want to be one of those “my kid is 26-months old” people. . . partially because of the kid, but mostly because it’s just annoying. Come on, the rug-rat is 2!!



  1. First, thank-you
    Second, I do not believe for one moment that you don't want to be Dooce. She gets free stuff and blogs for a living.

  2. Well I do love free stuff, and writing a blog for a living sounds pretty good . . . SIGN ME UP!