Monday, April 6, 2009

High Five #9

Dear LikesToDoRandomJigsWhileCooking,
HIGH FIVE, it’s 9 months today! No, not just 9 months since this one has been able to drink legally, although I think the alcohol industry as a whole is high fiving each other too. . . BUT, more importantly it’s been 9 months since we’ve had the talk and made it officially official. I’m a lucky gal to have you as my BF, and it only took us 2 years to figure out it was a good idea.

Here are the top reasons I love you at the 9 month mark:
1. You enjoy the songs I make up (or at least do a really good job pretending to)
2. You recognize my love of ribbon and rarely try to question or understand it
3. You say thank you after each and every time I pay for anything
4. You hold your own with the men in my family, quite a feat.

Thanks for making me such a happy camper!



  1. fyi, if Karina HAD hooked-up with an Old Man that night like Holly pretended, it'd be a whole different 9-months talk...

    anyways, ditto, right back at ya, dollface.

  2. Whoa, WHOA. No need to bring up old news. Although it does please me to think of the alcohol industry congratulating each other on my birth and increasingly drunk status.

    Congrats you crazy kids! NE, it makes me happy to see you so happy. Across county lines high five!