Monday, March 23, 2009

Wake up, wake up, wake up, it’s the 23rd of the month.

If you read that blog title in the tune of THIS song, then add that to the list of why we’re friends. Please also make sure to give yourself a ghetto round of applause (which I assume includes some sort of gin and juice. Ask HER, she’ll know). There was no rhyme or reason for this blog title other than somehow Bone Thugs got stuck in my head even though I didn’t hear it playing anywhere – I can’t decide if that means I’m having a good day or this is going to be a shit show. Moving on to the actual reason for this post. . .

Things I’m currently enjoying / addicted to:

1. The word Doodle. I’m over using it and after saying it for the 314th time this weekend, I fear that I’m killing it. Shoot, I hate when I do that.
2. String Cheese. Enough said.
3. The new Lilly Allen CD. She says fuck a lot in her songs, especially THIS one. Song about God? Check. Song about sex? Check. Song about daddy issues? Check. Song about relationships? Check and check.
4. Bliss Body Butter it’s expensive, but Sephora likes to email me about sales. Good looking out, Sephora.
5. Simply Orange - Orange Juice (sans pulp, not that bullshit I bought on accident that’s thick and stringy. Bleck.)
6. My new Lia Sophia earrings, I’ve convinced myself they go with everything, and I’m pretty sure I’m right. They can be seen HERE as item ‘B’
7. The BBC show “How Not to Decorate”. . . The BF found it randomly and now LL and I record it every week. Thank God for the DVR because the show airs around 7am on Saturday mornings and I’m against being awake that early.
8. The dinner that gets made at TMH* at least once a week. The menu consists of ground turkey with our not-so-secret spices (read: pepper, garlic salt, Italian seasoning mix), Uncle Ben’s brown rice, and a big helping of asparagus. Delish!

*TMH is my current residence – it stands for Tomfoolery Manor of Hotness. It would be more appropriate if it stood for AreYouKiddingMeWithThisShit but there’s no sense changing it now.

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  1. It's cause I'm ghetto fab & hood rich. Done & Done.