Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pre-NYC Wish List

The BF and I are heading to NYC for 5 days in May. I’ve been organizing list upon list of what to see and do, but now I can’t stop thinking about what to take with me. Here’s a list of the things I want (read: need) before our trip:

1. Aviators
I already knew I wanted some but then I saw Bethenny and the Countess on Real Housewives of NYC wearing them (don’t judge my TV habits) and that really drove the point home that they need to be a part of my life. The aviators below are my dream purchase, mine will likely come from Forever21.

2. Pumas
Since a good amount of walking will be done I think these are a practical addition to my suitcase. Plus I’ve needed new kicks for a while now.3. V-Neck T-Shirts
I have to admit, LL turned me on to this trend. Hanes looks mighty fancy when you add cute necklaces. Plus they’re cheap, comfy, versatile, and make your boobs look good. Thanks LL!

4. Messenger Purse
Before you say “ew” when reading “messenger purse” check this one out:

Chloe, I love you, your bags are brilliant. It’s a shame this one costs $1246. I could buy it. . . but then I’d have no money for NYC, so I guess that defeats the purpose. Alas, I think Amalita, who is already part of my Coach collection will be coming with me. She isn’t a messenger purse, but she is an international party girl with roots in NYC, so that’s just as good: 5. Sundresses
I feel like this is an obvious necessity, May weather is going to be in the 70’s. . . that’s 20 degrees cooler than AZ was today. Damn you, Sonora Desert.

6. New Sandals
I already bought one pair, but clearly need more. The BF is already concerned I’m going to pack so many shoes that some will creep into his bag when he’s not looking. Puh-leese, I bringing the big daddy suitcase which will provide enough room for some of the additions below, which are all available at Target.

7. Summer Scarves
I’m ready to jump on the summer scarf bandwagon! I can only hope I’ll look as good as this lady:

8. Umbrella
The bad news: the 70 degree weather also has chances of rain. The good news: these umbrellas are wicked cute, and I can sing Ella-Ella-Ella-E-E-E!


  1. I agreee with everything on this list. The only 1 that may be hard {that's what she said} packing wise is the umbrella. I say get one of those cute, light fold up ones. Perhaps some new cardigans as well.

  2. OH YEAH! Cardigans! They go so perfect with the Hanes tees (you are welcome btw)
    i wish i had made a list of stuff to get for cottonwood: 1) 3 cases of bud light 2) shower shoes 3) my poker face, etc.

  3. Thanks Ladies, what would I do without you two!?

    LL - I think you must be missing something on your list, surely you didn't post an odd number here.

  4. 4) magic "mothers love me" tshirt