Thursday, March 12, 2009

In the heezy!

Dear Whoever is Reading This*,
Hold on to your butts. . . there’s a new blog up in this bitch!

I deciding sharing conversations just wasn’t adequate. I wanted something more, I NEEDED something more. How the hell was I suppose to rant or rave or share or list all the stuff I love and hate if it didn’t wind up in a funny conversation?! It’s true, DOH was limiting my ability to be narcissistic and give my options and feelings on pretty much everything!

Please know that I assume and abide by the following:

1. I understand that no one is more interested in reading anything posted here than I am and I’m fine with it. Let’s call it free therapy since I spent all my money on ribbon and peach goodness.
2. I think the people in my life and I are hilarious. Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong. Mostly though I’m right and my witty and clever counter parts would agree.
3. I am both aware and at terms with my faults [loud, snotty, judgmental] and I’m not even sorry. But I promise I’m not trying to intentionally hurt any feelings, at least not if I know you. If you’re a stranger though, all bets are off.
4. I love lists and even numbers, this will become extremely apparent if you bookmark this page, which duh, you should. No odd numbers allowed in the house of Letters and Lists!
5. I am not going to make any false promises about blogging on the regular BUT I do promise to blog when I feel like it. YOU ARE WELCOME.
6. I love starting sentences with “I”
7. YES I did steal this blogging concept of letters from other blogs I’ve read. I thought it was very clever and you know what they say, “imitation is the sincerest form of . . . ” actually I prefer “she stole, she STOLE!”
8. I hope you enjoy!

Your Blogging Pal NE

*who am I kidding, I know exactly who will be reading this, and I love you guys!