Friday, March 13, 2009

Move it or Lose it

Dear SlowerThanMolassesInWinter,

Why do you drive only 1.8 miles per hour through the parking garage when you can see I’m behind you and late to lunch? I don’t think it should take someone a full minute to read and comprehend the words and arrow direction on the exit sign. Yes I was riding your ass, and yes that’s what she said, but you can’t claim spite. I was only riding your ass after I realized you were moving at a snail’s pace. You were going slower than the suggested parking garage speed limit of “get the eff out of my way!”

Please don’t let it happen again or I will be forced to flip you off out my window.*


*By “out my window” I mean “down by the steering wheel where you can’t see it because for all I know you carry a gun”

1 comment:

  1. "dont piss off the driver in front of you. he has a russia sticker on his car. i bet he has a gun"
    "that means hes a scuba diver you fool!"